Research, Advocacy & Cultural Dramaturgy

R and D Cubed

In 1996, David Pledger initiated, produced and managed R and D Cubed, an annual program roster giving project-based companies the opportunities to experiment with and develop their performance practice. The program ran until 1998.

Independent Performance Forums

In 1997, Paul Jackson initiated Independent Performance Forums, a series of public forums and publications on issues affecting independent performance including reconciliation, new arts practice and globalisation. Both programs ran until 1999 and were funded by Arts Victoria and Sidney Myer Fund and managed by NYID.

PAML Pilot Project

In 1999, the company participated in the Performing Arts MultiMedia Library Pilot Project (PAML). The PAML Pilot project was produced by cinemedia and the Federal Communications Department (DOCITA), and inspired by a program proposed by David Pledger to Arts Victoria and cinemedia to fund live recordings of contemporary performance. For PAML, the company produced the television documentary-drama, The UnMaking Of.

In 2001, not yet it's difficult inaugurated The Social Capital Fund that historically donates a percentage of the proceeds of dedicated projects to an independent social welfare agency or program. Recipients have included the Galliamble Recovery Centre for Indigenous Men, the Port Philip Specialist School for Children and the Bentleigh Bayside Community Health Service. 

Dramaturgies Forum

Peter is a founding member of the Dramaturgies forum a research and development laboratory that aims to advance the creative and critical role of dramaturgy in Australian contemporary theatre. Founded in 2001, Dramaturgies has produces seminars workshops and publications on dramaturgy. A national event focused on 'Dramaturgy in C21' will be held in Melbourne in 2010. A further event exploring dramaturgy in intercultural contexts is planned for Tokyo in 2011. Industry partners in the Dramaturgies forum include NYID, Malthouse Theatre, Real Time, Asialink, The University of Melbourne and The Australia Council.

The International Network

In late 2006, David Pledger and then Asialink Performing Arts Manager, Swee Lim convened the Melbourne-based International Network which works as an informal network of artists, producers and presenters working internationally. The group meets bi-monthly.

not yet it's difficult continues to be a key lobbyist for the interests of independent arts practice across government.