From September 2012, NYID begins work on a new public space project called XV.

A multi-narrative, interactive artwork, XV takes the user-spectator on fifteen of Melbourne’s suburban trains. The work speaks to the quotidian world of train commuters using Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station as the locative hub and creative axis for each story.

XV collapses the space between the artist and the public. It integrates global ideas about technology with ordinary, everyday moments to create unique worlds individual to the user and experiential for the viewer/spectator. XV fully occupies those in-between spaces in art, society and humanity to propose new ways of seeing, being and making – fundamentals of the new ‘mass theatricality’ created by technological evolution.  

Team XV includes Peter Brundle from interaction design company Nice Device and visual compositor Greg Ferris. The project will be led by David Pledger.

The project's research stage is proudly commissioned by Melbourne's Federation Square