Launch 25th July 2012
Federation Square
Screenings at various times July 25-August 31 2012

urbanandsuburban features a selection of works on video and film by David Pledger made in five instalments from 2001 to 2010: Scenes of the Beginning from the End (2001), Eavesdrop (with Jeffrey Shaw) (2004),Walk-In Drive-In/Dusk Till Dawn (with Callum Morton) (2006), The Meaning of Moorabbin Is Open for Inspection (2008) and Hoist (2010). They were made as a part of or constitute the whole material for these projects which were variously described at the time of distribution as: live performance, interactive cinematic artwork, visual art, site-specific installation or screen and object-based public art. 

The edition looks at the influence and relationship of the Australian Landscape on the psyche of its inhabitants. It charts a journey from the desert through the city to its inevitable conclusion in the suburbs, the subject which most of the films explore. The suburbs mark out a number of cultural and imaginary frontier spaces. Concepts of civilisation, survival, border, race, fear are all deeply rooted in the evolving space that is the suburbs. Even as the outer becomes the middle, the history of once being at the edge is retained in the architecture, the town planning and the concept of community. It is why the suburbs, and its relationship to the city and the desert, remain such a vital, contestable site of investigation for Australian artists.

The films have been re-mastered, re-framed or include new elements such as a new composition by seminal sound artist Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis) for The Road To Moorabbin. There are also two new works: The Box Set and Oakleigh Skyline. Other key features include interactive navigation by Greg Ferris and Artist’s Notes on each film. 

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