Training Squad in Canberra

In 2013, we mark 100 years since the naming of Canberra, our national capital and home of the Australian story. Canberra has a connection to every Australian that no other city in the country does. The Centenary of Canberra offers an ideal opportunity for all Australians to get closer to Canberra, both the city itself and its national and symbolic roles. It is a great time to revisit and re-imagine our national capital—the city that tells the story of our country’s freedom, spirit, achievements and aspirations. The centenary provides Australians with the chance to reconnect with their national capital and discover what a progressive and innovative city their capital is. It is the custodian of our cultural assets which hold the clues to our country’s history. It is the place where many great Australians have come to express the best thinking our country’s future. It is a city for us all to be proud of. As part of the centenary celebrations, a year-long program has been developed. It will include new and exciting projects, but will equally showcase what is already special about our nation’s capital. Covering sport, science, arts, community, architecture, education, environment, diverse cultures and big ideas, the program will include major events, touring exhibitions, performances, debates and interactive projects. It will be a year of myth-busting, revealing Canberra’s very full calendar of events and demonstrating what a lively, active twenty-first century city our nation’s capital truly is. Visit for more information or to find out how you can get involved.