the unmaking of

Documentary Film    
Melbourne 1999    

The UnMaking Of is a documentary about the desire for fiction and the mediation of truth in the world of television production.
The program follows NYID's attempt to make a television documentary about its most controversial theatrical production: the austral/asian post-cartoon: sports edition.

The company's journey into a new medium traces its failure to finish the documentary due to its unfamiliarity with the creative environment of television and the vastly different economies of scale of production between television and theatre.

In order to salvage the budget and honour their contractual obligations, the company shoots on formats of ever-decreasing quality in order to complete as much of the program as possible.

The pressure of the situation inflames the internal tensions within the company prompting rumours of professional and financial impropriety.

Shot on 8 formats across film and video, The UnMaking Of features excerpts from the unfinished tv documentary, interviews with theatre critics and spectators, unedited footage of company meetings and one company member's guerilla documentary in which all members including the director and the company's management committee are exposed in the most vulnerable circumstances.

The UnMaking Of is humorous, polemical and unsettling theatrical television.

The UnMaking Of has been developed and produced with the assistance of the paml pilot project which is supported by the government of victoria through multimedia victoria, cinemedia and the australian federal department of communications information technology and the arts.

The UnMaking Of is available for viewing on SP-Betacam and VHS.