The Things We Did Next

The Things We Did Next is an interdisciplinary, auditory and atmospheric exploration of the futures to come in the era of climate change that propels the audience ten years forward into an environment at once familiar and unexpected.

A multi-platform interrogation across podcast, live performance and publishing, The Things We Did Next asks: how do we deal with each other, take care of each other in a world that is changing so quickly, so fundamentally?

Set in 2029 and featuring real people improvising a future version of themselves in a reconstructed version of the talk show format, the performance transports audiences to a time where climate impacts are a daily reality as are powerful transformations of our political, cultural and energy systems.

By framing the question in the popular trope of the talk show format suspended in an edgeless, immersive, experimental artscape, The Things We Did Next aims to gently and gradually subvert the audience’s position so they entertain a world of possible futures generated by positive speculation, collective action and joint custodianship.

For the live performance, we have developed a dramaturgy embedded in surprise, risk and experimentation as we recreate ‘inside’ the weather conditions we imagine ‘outside’ 10 years from now. Our aim is to help our audiences think what they are feeling and feel what they are thinking. It is a loop of the visceral and intellectual which, if we close, we believe can help change things.

The Things We Did Next is an invitation to engage in a deeper form of listening and consideration, an immersive artwork that is part-performance, part-installation, part-interview with the sum of its parts creating a whole new atmosphere for activism, imagining and art-making.