The Things We Did Next

The Things We Did Next is a future-focussed art project that proposes new ways of seeing changes to our climate that disrupt the dystopian default settings currently dominating popular opinion. A multi-platform interrogation across podcast, live performance and publishing, The Things We Did Next asks: how might we become better versions of ourselves as we face the unheralded challenges affecting our environment and society?

As project dramaturg and director of the live performance, dp is collaborating with social impact producer, Alex Kelly, on this public invitation to engage in a deeper form of listening and consideration. Each platform will have an outcome in 2020, with the live performance scheduled for a mid-year premiere at Arts House in Melbourne. Part-performance, part-installation, part-interview the event will be an immersive, experimental artwork, with the sum of its parts aspiring to create a whole new atmosphere for activism, imagining and art-making.