The Meaning of Malaysia is Open for Inspection- Research

In 2009, Artistic Director David Pledger and company Dramaturge Peter Eckersall travelled to Kuala Lumpur to commence the research stage of The Meaning of Malaysia is Open for Inspection with Malaysia's Instant Cafe Theatre (ICT). 

The Meaning of Malaysia Is Open For Inspection is based on a dramaturgical template developed during the NYID's 2008 Melbourne Festival presentation of The Meaning of Moorabbin Is Open For Inspection.  That project was created in a modular format and presented in a house, where each room contained an installation - using video, sound, photography and performance - which addressed themes including Landscape, Suburbia, Memory, Popular Culture and Local History.

With ICT and Malaysian artists from discrete art-form and inter-disciplinary backgrounds, the Meaning of Malaysia aims to address these themes within Malaysian culture and create a performance installation comprising of live theatre and multi-media components presented in a venue which best contains the Malaysian attitude to the themes driving the project. 

The project will unfold in 3 parts:



presentation/documentation, 2011

This project is supported by the Australia-Malaysia Institute.