The Meaning of Malaysia is Open for Inspection


The Instant Cafe Theatre Company
House for Art and Ideas, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
May 2010

In May of 2010, NYID's Artistic Director David Pledger and company dramaturg Peter Eckersall returned to Malaysia for the second stage of the new interdisciplinary arts project The Meaning of Malaysia is Open for Inspection with Instant Cafe Theatre

Aiming to address the themes of Landscape, Suburbia, Memory, Popular Culture and Local History within Malaysian culture and using the the dramaturgical template developed by David for The Meaning of Moorabbin is Open for Inspection  (2008 Melbourne International Arts Festival), the second stage of the project, development and curation, saw the Malaysian artists develop particular aspects of the project and proceed to make work for presentation.

After commencing the intensive research stage of this project in Kuala Lumpur in August of 2009, the project is evolving into an inquiry into the overpowering development mania in Kuala Lumpur that appears determined to erase Malaysia’s past in a bid to create a new uncritical future. Artistic Director Jo Kukathas and Producer Rahel Joseph of Instant Cafe Theatre and a number of local artists are in the process of looking for a house in Kuala Lumpur to site the project in which artists will install a series of works and animateurs will develop weekly performances. Pledger will return to curate the project in collaboration with our ICT friends.