The Dispossessed

Physical Performance

Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Korea 2008

The Dispossessed is a work inspired by a number of literary sources including the novels of French writer Michel Houellebecq, particularly 'The Possibility of An Island', Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' and Samuel Beckett's novella 'The Lost Ones' in which he creates a fictional and somewhat fantastic circumstance of constraint and deprivation.

The Dispossessed represents a severe state of both physical and behavioral confinement that in the contemporary world might be a prison, an asylum, a detention camp, or even the constructed world of some kind of 'reality' show. We deduce that this community has been living in this circumstance for a very long time and for many generations, because they no longer have any memory or awareness of a situation other than the one they are in. They have become blind, oblivious of their own condition and to its extreme state where there is no longer any other or another.

One might imagine the agency of The Dispossessed as a disembodied artificial intelligence. Or a post-human organism. Or a self sustaining ecosystem which has its own categories, its own time, space, fulfillment and even existential principle.