Multi Media Play

Inspired by contemporary events and refracted through Franz Kafka's The Trial, not yet it's difficult decodes the matrix of technology and society.

K fuses hard-core physical action, digital technology, sonic achitectures and new texts to portray the dark, humorous and violent world of democracy in the Information Age.

Part social realism, part science fiction, part fable, part documentary, K lays bare our fragile social apparatus in a hyper-real tsunami of savage absurdism.

K in Korea
At the invitation of Kim Kwang Lim, the Artistic Director of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2005, not yet it's difficult developed a new bi-lingual adaptation of K in collaboration with SPAF and Korea's Dolgoogi Theatre. K in Korea also featured a number of ancillary events including workshops, lectures, artists' talks and conference presentations given by NYID company members in Seoul in the lead-up to and presentation of the new production. The company recognises this project was made possible by the generous support and contributions to the production made by Kim Kwang Lim, the project's assistant director Byun Chong Joo, lead actor Min-song Seo and SPAF Overseas Program Director, Claire Sung.