Journey to Confusion Series

#1, Open Stage Melbourne December 1999
#2, Morishita Studio Tokyo June 2000
#3, Dancehouse Melbourne May 2002
The Journey to Confusion Series investigated new creative and cultural possibilities in an age of globalisation. In addition to a Performance Series, the project hosted performance-based research, conferences, public forums, open rehearsals and workshops. Writings on the project from an international group of scholars were disseminated in conference forums, journal publications and finally, a book, Alternatives, edited by NYID dramaturg peter Eckersall with Professor Uchino Tadashi and Morayama Naoto. (Alternatives is available on request from the company)

The first two public presentations Journey to Confusion #1 in Melbourne (1999) and Journey to Confusion #2 in Tokyo (2000) developed from 'the conversation on the floor' between NYID and Japanese dance company, Gekkidan Kaiotaisha, during which skills, histories, ideas, philosophies and dramaturgical practices were exchanged.

In the final performance, Journey to Confusion #3, presented at the Next Wave Festival 2002 in Melbourne, the project concluded with a performance set in the public and private places in which we watch and wait, sleep and dream, fight and dance, transitory spaces such as airport lounges, railway stations, detention centres, dancehalls.

Over three years, the Journey to Confusion Series advanced the idea of 'con-fusion' as a basis for intercultural creative practice in a hybrid live-art performance environment. The performance of Journey to Confusion #3, was the culmination of this objective: a dialogue in space and time between bodies and in-between cultures. Part theatre art / part performance art / part dance / part sport / part media art, the Journey to Confusion Series was described as “an event on the borders of life, exploring transitional and transgressive behaviours in extreme travelspace.