Federation Square
August 27 - September 9 2010

Artistic Director David Pledger brings the Australian icon the Hills Hoist to Federation Square to host public reflections upon suburban life alongside images and ideas of the company, collaborating artists and writers from Melbourne Writers Festival.

Concerned with representations of suburbia and using film, object and text, the project builds on the company's history of performative and visual artworks which have dealt with the subject of suburban space including Scenes of the Beginning from the End, Eavesdrop, Walk-In Drive-In, Dusk Till Dawn and The Meaning of Moorabbin is Open for Inspection. 

HOIST is intended to provoke new ways of engaging with the suburbs through frames of landscape, popular culture and memory, representations of which are literally created in the one space through the prism provided by the iconic clothesline, the Hill's Hoist. By bringing the narratives of suburbia into the city, HOIST hopes to 're-entangle' the division between suburbs and city, inquiring as to what if anything separates them and what connects them.

Monday-Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday-Sunday 1.30pm-10pm

Hoist is presented in partnership with Federation Square's Occupy program of temporary public art and performance with activities in association with the Melbourne Writers Festival.