AMPERS&ND; dresden

Studio and Main Hall, Hellerau European Centre for the Arts, Dresden
March 3- March 15 2011

AMPERS&ND is a research project that has its aesthetic concerns - the geometry of sound, the mathematics of gesture and the construction of image.
The research begins with NYID’s longstanding interest in the idea of the body as a discriminating ear and a listening mechanism that will be explored in the context of an extensive research into performance and audio-spatialisation.  An ensemble of performers from NYID, Korea’s Wuturi Theatre and Elision will be joined by American composer, Aaron Cassidy, who specialises in developing notational systems for choreographing instrumental gestures. We will look at the body, the instruments and the score as artifacts to be interpreted free from their essential elements: we will work ‘on the body’, ‘in the mouth’, delivering sound to the body, and exploiting the body as a thing to be mined for sound; we will consider the instument as an extension of the body and as a choreographic entity; we will address the score as a visual hieroglyph whose composition is of itself a language to be re-made performatively in body, sound and image.

AMPERS&ND will create a live, interactive performance defined by sonic landscapes, textual nuance, physical rigor and striking visual composition.

This project is commissioned by Hellerau European Centre for the Arts, and is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.