2970° The Boiling Point

Our world is undergoing tectonic change.

We are connected in a way we have never been. Much of this is due to accelerated technological advances and how humans make sense of them in daily life. Our cultural response is simultaneously multi-faceted and rapacious. It is a process that rapidly creates new social spaces and knowledge gaps that need to be understood, communicated and filled.

Unsurprisingly knowledge is now created and produced in a very different way. Its shape owes more to the matrix and the web than the silo and the horizon of previous centuries. And it’s driven by the concept of the ‘multiple’ which applies to manifestations such as cultures and companies, platforms and directions, thinking and policy.

In this process, artists have become ‘required players’. They inhabit change as a matter of vocational necessity. Their reflex is to explore, experiment, interrogate and translate the material of the day by creating artworks that are mentally, socially and politically inventive and challenging. They are the adhesive that sticks together disciplines, schools of thought and action and social portfolios, simultaneously inhabiting spaces of science, architecture, technology, environment and sport.

Conversely, scientists, architects and environmentalists identify artists and artistic practices as significant partners and inspiration in their ongoing research and outreach initiatives.

2970° is designed to unpack this trend towards cross-sectoral engagement and to try to harness whatever new knowledge is being produced in an effort to have a positive agency in creating and affecting the future.

At the heart of the event are local artists and cultural operators whose task it is to respond to the material of the keynote presentations and process those meanings for themselves, their local context and the broader social and global contexts in which they work.

In this way, 2970° is designed to process the artistic and intellectual capital locally with national and international carriage and significance.

David Pledger – Curator, 2970°