2970° The Boiling Point

2970° is a cultural provocation which inspires sustained future-focussed conversation and action.

In our times, there is no bigger conversation than the transformation of our civil society as it contends with fierce challenges to our democratic system.  Not just here in Australia but elsewhere in America, the UK, France. It’s not an understatement to say that Western democracy is turning somersaults.

And whilst dominant voices tend to loudly characterise ‘change’ as something to be scared of, our view is that ‘change’ is an opportunity for us to rewrite the rules, the laws, the protocols that represent and communicate the values that are most dear to us.

Enter 2970° Practising Democracy.

Rather than fixating on the noise, Practising Democracy goes deep into the quietude by listening to some smart people suggest provocative ideas for how we might make a future we want to live in and providing the space for us to decide whether or not we agree with them. First and foremost, 2970° is a unique contest of ideas in which the protagonists are not the speakers but us, the delegates.

Practising Democracy proved people have a hunger for practising the skills that help democracy function best by listening, processing, speaking up and out. And doing this with clear rules of engagement: an agreement to respectfully disagree, the exercise of emotional intelligence and a desire to improve the quality of our language.

Practising Democracy is an invitation.

To engage. To communicate. But, most importantly, to listen.

If there is one activity we need to improve upon to better practise democracy, it’s listening.

Because the art of democracy lies in the act of listening.

Not just with our ears but with our hearts and our minds.

Listen for the signal between the noise and silence.

Listen with your whole body.