2970° The Boiling Point

Opening event - The Four Pillars

In the spirit of an artistic framing, 2970° kicked off with an opening event that invited delegates to make some noise and celebrate our coming together amongst a range of creative propositions by local and international artists. ‘The Four Pillars’ was a kind of ‘warm-up’ which playfully prised open ideas around democracy and situated delegates right inside an atmosphere of physical, intellectual and emotional reality - a call to arms, to listen, to speak out, to take risks.

Rebecca Ross and Byron Coathup plastered the room’s pillars with iridescent poster art of word play, ambiguity and clever up-turning of the idea of democracy in a pop-soaked world. Shock Therapy Productions gave us Democratic Yoga, teaching the Four Poses of Democracy with delegates literally leaning on each other, exploring physical counter-weight, forming warrior poses and sending big breaths of frustration out into the universe. Young indigenous artist Budjerah Slabb sang a shiver-producing rendition of his self-penned song ‘Why’; Vivi Baker delivered a pitch perfect version of her state-winning poetry-slam piece and Filipino artists Sipat Lawin infiltrated the crowd offering up democratic massages, ensuring the delegation was pretty well amped for the two days to follow. 


As the last activity of DAY 1, Sipat Lawin Ensemble and Shock Therapy presented Gobyerno, an evolving performance project that deftly uses its audience as its makers, tasking delegates with creating a film-set and multiple production ‘departments’ needed for shooting a film based on the the conversation coming from Keynotes, Respondents and Roundtables as its primary source of material. The film is immediately screened at the conclusion of the shoot. The template for this bespoke Gold Coast version was developed out of an in-residence model that allowed Sipat Lawin (in collaboration with Shock Therapy) to work with a group of drama students at Robina State High School. The students were integral to the devising and performing of Gobyerno.

2970° Generator Projects

Interspersed through 2970° were three short presentations by artists who were connected to the 2970° Generator Project. 

Elizabeth Ralph discussed The Fourth Estate, an independent journalism project, (elaborated upon below), Nina-Rae Smith discussed her project ‘Design Your Own School (an arts project for youth at risk). Mick Angus presented The Mt. Tambourine Sports Association Project (a collaboration between Bond University students from architecture and film making). Each of these projects was screened as short videos (produced by Mick Angus) in The Lounge across the event. 

Also, as a lunch-time event, Masters Students of Architecture from Bond University presented studio projects depicting their research propositions under the banner of Architecture of Air and Water. This project, led by Professor Adrian Carter (Moderator at 2970° 2015 and 2017) came directly out of the first Generator project Museum of Air and Water. Architecture of Air and Water provided delegates with the opportunity to directly interact with students discussing their specific and global concepts for Gold Coast architecture, public engagement and civic activity.