2970° The Boiling Point

2970° is the boiling point for gold. Extreme heat catalyses the metal causing it to melt.

Art has a similar alchemy when applied to society. The properties of art are transformative. They cause change in society, enabling it to become something other than what it is.

2970° is three days of simmering thought and action underwritten by rigorous artistic practice.

2970°’s format is founded on NYID’s signature artistic dramaturgy in which artists across art-forms and experts from social, scientific and academic fields from local, national and international contexts directly engage with curious publics. This methodology reflects upon the interconnectivity of disciplines, schools of thought and strategies of action and uses the language of arts practice as the language of engagement.

Fuelled by invention, imagination and ideas, 2970° interrogates the space between things, each edition applying itself to the most compelling subjects of our time.

A biennial event, 2970° is curated by dp, programmed by NYID and presented by The Arts Centre Gold Coast.