&: Atomic

&: Atomic is a poem spoken in physio-sonic verse:

A man walks onstage.
We see him from the back, from the top of his head to the heels of his feet.
A woman walks in.
She stands away from him, her body in profile to his. She moves her arm. Nothing.
She moves her leg. Nothing. She moves...
Suddenly the man, who can neither see nor hear her, senses her.
He makes a sound, the first sound of one body, building a body of sound.
The sounds of the human body conversing, processing, being, sensing without
seeing or hearing, the human body atomised for deeper communication.
A hand gesture has musical meaning for the clarinet,
something else for the cello, something again for the trumpet.
It’s readable, logical, producing effect for each player,
and further cause for each movement-maker.
A sequence starting with the head, erupting in the left leg, cascading up the right arm
suggests chaos;
another sequence, humility;
yet another, love and compassion.
Conversation flows.
A complex web of human understanding is created within the physical and sonic
consonance and dissonance.
Patterns emerge.
Structures build and collapse.
Sense and meaning created by sound and body evaporate.
All are nodes, atomically connected and networked.