&: Atomic

&: Atomic is an original contemporary performance by Australian and Korean innovators in music, dance and theatre. It is the final stage of the 4-part international performance laboratory AMPERS&ND in which the key artistic proposition evolved into the development of a new performance language for actors, dancers and musicians from which improvisation and composition arise from the same artistic impulse using the body as a musical axis.

&: Atomic is about the spaces in-between us: the unspoken, intimate and atomic relations of human beings. The aim is for the audience to experience a visceral connection to the performers and to each other, a connectedness that sits under culture and narrative, distilled to the sound of one's body in a room with other bodies making sound.

Part-dance, part-play, part-sound installation, &: Atomic is a poem in physio-sonic verse. It brings a new element into the alchemy of live performance. 


&: Atomic  had its world premiere at the Dreem Theatre, Gangdong Arts Centre as part of the Seoul International Dance Festival.