WELCOME TO DP X NYID | 26 May 2017

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2970° The Boiling Point
Practising Democracy


Arts Centre Gold Coast presents
2970° The Boiling Point Practising Democracy
September 7-9, 2017

In 2016, Western democracy turned somersaults. 

Brexit, Trump, the rise of Le Pen and populist nationalism in Europe.  

Rather than fixating on the noise, 2970° goes deep into the quietude by listening to some smart people suggest provocative ideas for how we might make a future we want to live in.

not yet it's difficult will invite a General Assembly of delegates to vote on rules, protocols or laws proposed by local, national and international speakers to ignite our democratic instincts with humour, intelligence and some massively big ideas.

A rich artistic program will speak to and amplify our discussions. It will also incorporate streams of inquiry generated from the 2015 edition and stimulate strategies for taking ideas from 2017 into concrete projects leading into 2970° 2019.

You are invited.

Full program and registration details coming soon...

The format of 2970° has been developed by NYID
2970° is an initiative of City of Gold Coast

Images of 2970° (2015) by Claudio Kirac, Art-Work Agency // Images courtesy of City of Gold Coast.

WELCOME TO DP X NYID | 18 April 2017

Diaspora #1

In this transmission, we begin our series profiling artists, thinkers and cultural operators with whom we maintain long-term dialogue, collaboration and association. 

Starting with the inspirational ALEX KELLY with whom we first worked in 2015 on2970° The Boiling Point. Alex is an artist, filmmaker and producer working across campaign, communication, project and narrative strategy. At 2970° Alex elegantly disrupted the conversation with provocations around positivity-driven approaches to effecting impact and change in society. As part of 2970° Generator, nyid will convene a5-day cross-sectoral workshop (May 15-19) led by Alex for up to 10 participants. The workshop is open to people with strong connections to the Gold Coast who have the desire to increase the impact of their work to create positive change locally and/or globally. Applications close April 24 so head to this link if you are keen to know more. 

Save The Dates: The Arts Centre Gold Coast and nyid present 2970° 2017: September 7-9

Next is TAMARA SAULWICK who first worked with nyid as an actor on Nil, Cat and Buried in 1995. Since then, she has worked in an artistic, dramaturgical and management capacity with nyid. Over the last decade, Tamara has developed a singular approach to performance-making demonstrated by her compelling and curious contemporary performance works for theatres and public spaces. Tamara uses digital, mobile and analogue technologies with particular emphasis on the agency of sound in live performance. Her most recent work Endings is just about to pop up at Canadian Stage, Toronto Canada (April 26-30) and then at Brighton FestivalUK (May 9-13). Further, Tamara has recently been appointed Artistic Director of Chamber Made Opera

NAT CURSIO is a dancer, choreographer, curator and organiser. Nat’s work with nyid includes Scenes Of The Beginning From The EndJourney to Confusion #3K and Blowback, mostly as a performer but also assisting in producing and dramaturgical roles. She continues to work with nyid across projects like 2970°. In 2006 Nat established her own company Nat Cursio Co. Her most recent choreography was one of the highlights of last month’s 2017 Dance Massive, Tiny Slopes, which synthesised many of her artistic, dramaturgical and social concerns. Nat is currently prepping Loopa dance show for kids, which will premiere at Arts Centre Melbourne in September. 

The Daily Review
And if you’re wondering what’s getting people’s blood boiling these days check out dp’s latest offering in the Daily Review on the cultural revolution the Australian arts scene needs to have to move out of the past and into the 21st C.

photo credits: 1. Stuart Mannion // 2. Sarah Walker // 3. Bryony Jackson

WELCOME TO DP X NYID | February 28 2017


News image

It's 2017 we know.

But we’re back-announcing 2016 because the year ended before we could catch our breath. 

Starting with Hotelling, for which the great reviews just keep rolling in. You can check out the wrap up video here for a little taste of it.

And our interview series for Arts Front in which dp captured a snapshot of cultural policy points-of-view from Asia, Europe and America. 

Also just squeaking in to the 2016 schedule was dp‘s Boxing Day address on how sport, art and politics fit into the prism of 24-7 entertainment. 

It’s a big year ahead for dp x NYID but you’ll have to wait for the big announcements in the next newsletter.

However, we can let you know that we will be starting up NYID Diaspora, a new series on the excellent artists associated with the company.

And we can also show you this outstanding photo of dp at the Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) where he presented last week on his curatorial and artistic practices that brought about 2970° and Hotelling. 

News image

Along with NYID Dramaturg, the now super-distinguished Professor Peter Eckersall of City University, NYC, dp attended as part of the Asian Dramaturgs Network (ADN), one of the more influential configurations occurring in this part of the world of which they are both founding members. 

Stay tuned for the good stuff!


WELCOME TO DP X NYID | Oct 25 2016

This October Transmission is all about Hotelling.

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World Premiere
v:Hotelling, to hotel, to play, to lose oneself
curated by dp
produced by Bleached Arts

On November  4-5, run down the rabbit-hole of the QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise for 24 hours-and-a-bit on a fast-finishing, eclectic, rollercoaster of an arts happening in all the corners of the hotel, top-to-bottom, left-to-right, inside-out. Hotelling is a new sport, a game, an alchemy of art and hospitality - for those who like it adult!
A host of world premieres - from artists including long-time NYID associate Todd MacDonald, new friends The Farm and Shock Therapy, dance maestra Kate Harman and sonic rock-god Lawrence English - sit sweetly adjacent to a re-imagined art work from Craig Walsh and a 'surprise surprise' package performance queen. 
Get tix!

Commentary in The Conversation
produced by dp
It seems readers are working their way through dp’s back catalog in The Conversation and the most-liked article this month is Circles of Context: giving a work of art its meaning which unpicks the ethics of making and presenting art. A close second is his post-election summary on politics, media and the implications for culture. And just because George W Bush has pushed out another exhibition of his incredible portraits here is dp’s take on Dubya’s previous effort. Spring reading for those in the southern hemisphere!

The Art of Sport
Whoops! If you missed dp and Robyn Archer at MPavilion in-conversation with architect Bijoy Jain chatting about art and sport a couple of weekends ago, don’t be surprised to see development in this space in the not-too-distant future. 

But first Happy Hotelling!