Working under the artistic direction of David Pledger, not yet it's difficult (NYID) is one of Australia's leading independent arts companies recognised as a pioneer in the development of contemporary theatre. Founded in 1995 by Pledger, PeterEckersall and Paul Jackson who together form the core creative team, NYID has produced almost 40 local, national and international projects including original performance works, plays, public space projects, television and screen-based installations.

In the first five years of the company's life, our efforts concentrated on applying a unique methodological approach to the research, development and making of physical performance. Over the next five years, NYID focused on the integration of media in live performance. And in the present five-year period, NYID has developed screen-based visual art projects in which a performative element is integrated into the artwork through low and high-tech, and sometimes, interactive modes of presentation. These development streams are not mutually exclusive. They flow in parallel and often intersect causing change and evolution, developing an oeuvre which is both distinctive, innovative and adventurous.

This dedicated dramaturgical approach has placed NYID at the forefront of experimental companies in the independent arts scene. For our work in theatre, dance, opera and media arts, NYID has been recognised by the Victorian Green Room Awards, the Australian Writer's Guild and the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards.

In association with other companies, NYID have developed and presented workshop, forum and industry development programs such as independent performance forums (1996-1999) and r and d cubed (1996-1998), major contributions to the quality of discourse and practice in the national and Victorian performing arts community. The company was a driving force and participant in the PAML Pilot Project (1998-2000), which developed copyright models for performing arts companies in multimedia platforms.

NYID's funding history indicates a resourceful and strategic approach to producing and reflects the diversity of artforms with which the company engages. Contributing agencies in Australia include the Visual Arts Board and the Theatre Board of the Australia Council of the Arts, the Major Festivals Initiative, Arts Victoria, the City of Melbourne, the Victorian College of the Arts, Film Victoria, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sidney Myer Fund, the Visual Arts Programs of the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Festivals and internationally, Japan Foundation, Vienna Festival, Arhus Festival, Cankarjev Dom, Expo 2000, Dublin Fringe Festival, the Seoul Performing Arts Festival and Liverpool Capital of Culture.

From inception, we have positioned ourselves as an organisation with a global view. We have created significant international collaborations and international partnerships to produce new works and present existing ones. This has allowed the company to forge artistic and producing relationships in Asia, the UK, Europe and South America which has brought with it significant contributions to the diversity of Australian theatre by bringing into the country artists, companies, ideas and artistic practices that hitherto had no relationship to Australia.

The company is a leading innovator, always pushing the boundaries of theatre pratice and has a sustained national and international presence and influence.